ALTS® for airlines and operators

Modular and individually selectable services
ALTS® service spectrum for airlines and operators

As the selection of the aircraft type determines a lot of variables pertaining to future operational profitability, customers reap the most from Lufthansa Technik's advisory services if they make the first contact before the search for a new aircraft has begun.

For new aircraft, airlines and operators profit from Lufthansa Technik's experience with real-world operational support of practically all modern aircraft types, optimally matching customer requirements with aircraft performance.

For used aircraft, this module offers numerous elements to pin down the optimal solution. Lufthansa Technik is able to determine the technical status of the aircraft in question and its components with respect to life cycle status, enabling the customer to make the best choice. 

Aircraft Transition

The Aircraft Transition module covers all the elements of Aircraft Leasing & Trading Support that become relevant during a change of operator. We inspect and check the aircraft, support the old operator in correcting its documentation and define the necessary work packages. And of course we are able to perform all necessary work in one of our facilities worldwide. 

Technical & Operational Support

The profitable operation of an aircraft is supported by the Operational & Technical Support module. Lufthansa Technik´s technical and operational support – the classic MRO spectrum of the market leader covering the whole gamut from line maintenance to D-checks and from spare parts logistics to cabin refurbishments – ensures that an airplane is always in excellent shape, so that it can fly profitably maintaining its value. 

Aircraft Assessment

For airlines and operators, the realistic analysis of the market value of an aircraft is essential to achieve the optimum cost position. Lufthansa Technik has examples where a detailed assessment saved a significant amount of money. Aircraft assessment covers the technical configuration of the aircraft, its actual condition including modification status and its documentation.

The result: The customer gets a realistic value of the aircraft which shows necessary corrections or validates the asset value. The actual monetary value can be used as a basis for negotiations in lease returns, where adjustments to a price tag might be necessary.