Overhaul overview

Keeping you up to date

We all receive hundreds of emails per day. In this torrent of messages, it is not unusual that important information is simply not noticed and some pertinent questions are left unanswered. And that happens at a time when you have numerous aircraft out for overhaul with us and other MRO service providers. You are not the only one. It's the same for all base maintenance customers – irrespective of the MRO provider.

Just imagine being able to get the big picture and streamlined information at a glance: Are there problems with the overhaul? And when will the aircraft leave the hangar again?

With our new app AirGlance we tackled this issue by optimizing communications throughout a base maintenance layover. Dashboards enable you to view the overhaul status for the entire fleet at a single glance or examine the details of individual layovers. Traffic lights indicate whether the customer needs to actively intervene or if a base maintenance operation is running smoothly. This permits you to maintain an overview of what is happening, especially when there are a lot of short layovers.

AirGlance digitalizes and streamlines information processes along your base maintenance layovers

Shared knowledge

Within the app, you can easily share your knowledge with different groups of recipients. It lets you prioritize inquiries and assign the appropiate experts. The burdensome torrent of emails is a thing of the past. Together with our customers, we co-created the new app right from the product development stage to meet your needs in the best way. The application is being tested with "real" layovers, and new features are continuously implemented.


Base maintenance layovers entail loads of information exchanged between the MRO and the operator – posing a challenge for both sides. AirGlance digitalizes and streamlines information processes along your base maintenance layover. With a broad variety of features AirGlance optimally supports your work – so that you never miss crucial information, can prioritize correctly and take important decisions on time. AirGlance comes as a web application that is easily accessible from your back offices as well as a native app that exploits your mobile device's capabilities. No matter where and when, have all your base maintenance layovers at a glance with AirGlance!

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