Aircraft Production Inspection Program

Independent and modular quality assurance
Supplementing the manufacturers' control systems

Marketed under the name of Aircraft Production Inspection Program (APIP), Lufthansa Technik is offering an independent production inspection to both airlines and leasing companies. While APIP does not assume that there are any shortcomings in the quality assurance system of the manufacturer, it is a separate program that pursues the same goal of attaining the very best production quality and hence maximizing the safety and reliability of the aircraft in operation. APIP is a modular product under which, if the customer so requests, the entire production process is scrutinized, from the start of the final assembly to the documentation of final acceptance. 

Unique operational expertise

Lufthansa Technik experience and know-how from looking after customer fleets worldwide on a day-to-day basis mean it receives continuous feedback in the areas of technical quality and operational flexibility. This unique operational expertise is reflected in all product areas of the Aircraft Production Inspection Program. APIP inspectors are stationed permanently at all major final assembly sites. 

Improving reliability and maintaining value

Both the aircraft operator/owner and the manufacturer benefit from the Aircraft Production Inspection Program, for example by avoiding a possible delay to the aircraft delivery and associated costs. Production defects are caught in time, reducing maintenance-induced ground times later-on in operation and contributing towards cost-efficient and safe flight operations. To meet specific customer requirements Lufthansa Technik established a portfolio of complementing inspection services. 

APIP modules

  • Section Inspection
  • Final Assembly Inspection
  • Final Acceptance Assistance / Execution

Supplementary services

  • Concession Assessment
  • Acceptance Flight Crews
  • Aircraft delivery, ferry and positioning flights


  • Airbus (all a/c types)
  • Boeing (all a/c types)
  • Bombardier
  • Embraer ERJ
  • ATR