Engineering Services

The think-tank for your fleet's maintenance
Operational experience for maximum reliability

Lufthansa Technik's unique operational fleet experience ensures maximum aircraft reliability for our customers. More than one hundred specially qualified engineers dedicate themselves exclusively to the question of how to optimize the maintenance services offered to our customers. Not just for this reason can we say: Today we are at eye level with aircraft and component manufacturers. We cooperate closely with them and offer engineering services for all common aircraft types. 

First choice for all engineering requirements

Lufthansa Technik is also the top organization for all your engineering requirements because it never stops learning. Continual knowledge development is key to maximizing our customers' aircraft reliability. We have learned to monitor aircraft health continually and identify the source of technical delays before they have a chance to occur. We have refined the concept of scheduled maintenance through maintenance programs that are customized for individual customers and their specific operating conditions. And we continuously update the status of our customers' fleet data to support their airworthiness reviews. 

A wide-ranging portfolio of supporting services

Under the umbrella of Lufthansa Technik's dedicated maintenance organization, a wide array of supplemental maintenance and engineering services is offered including world-leading AES (Aircraft Engineering Services) support. This portfolio includes such elementary services as production planning and control, on-the-job training, general personnel assignment and support for airworthiness renewals.

Lufthansa Technik is licensed to go beyond the procedures specified in the manual and offer its own repair solutions. Our product engineers are part of the Lufthansa Technik Design Organisation approved by EASA. They are entitled to develop temporary and final repairs with a Change/Repair Approval Sheet (CRAS). 

Troubleshooting and product engineering

Side by side with the troubleshooters are our product engineers, people who have spent their lifes in maintenance workshops and around aircraft. If anybody can advise your flight crew or a line maintenance team anywhere in the world on how to get your plane off the ground again, it is our engineers. And if there is anybody who wants to see your aircraft in the sky as much as you do, it's Lufthansa Technik.