Cabin surveillance camera system
Less hardware

Lufthansa Technik's cabin surveillance camera aerosight® enables pilots to monitor cockpit access, cabin and cargo areas – without requiring any additional hardware. 

Clearer view

aerosight® can simultaneously handle up to 16 cameras in the pressurized area of an aircraft. Using this flexible, innovative system the pilots are able to monitor access to the cockpit and overlook the cabin as well as the cargo compartment. The camera automatically switches between a coloured day view mode and an infrared night view mode. 

More capability of connecting

aerosight® is an IP (Internet Protocol) based camera with an integrated LAN (Local Area Network) connection. It can be connected with the pilots' EFBs (Electronic Flight Bag), a cabin terminal or other displaying devices like laptops. Neither additional routers or network switches are needed nor are proprietary displays or system control units required. 

Less weight, less maintenance

aerosight® is designed to use EFBs for display, control and handling which saves weight and simplifies installation compared to other camera systems. The system operates on all EFBs with Ethernet network interfaces, such as laptops with docking stations in the cockpit. A software to display and control the camera video streams with dedicated display units can be provided. 

Customer advantage

  • Cameras are operated with application software - no additional hardware is required
  • Digital technology with less interference than analogue systems
  • Flexible and upgradeable systems
  • Up to 16 Cameras
  • Small and lightweight system
  • Depending on network topology, redundancy is possible
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Both day and night modes


  • Housing: Painted metal
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 81 x 44 x 57 mm 
  • Weight: < 0,3 kg
  • Power requirements:
    Voltage: 28 VDC
    Max. current: 300 mA
    Continuous current: 200 mA