INTEGRATED infant/child seat

Expecting a change in regulations in the near future, Lufthansa Technik has developed aerokid, the first passenger seat to offer uncompromised seating comfort and safety for passengers of all ages. A truly integrated solution, the seating system can be quickly configured for babies and infants up to two years or as a child seat. Giving airlines total flexibility in operations, the seats can be reset into the standard adult configuration within seconds. 

The application

Child seats on board of aircraft are a logistical problem: Until today, they have to be provided either by the airline or by the parents/accompanying adults. Many of the dedicated child seats often used in the past were initially designed for cars and are therefore not compatible with commercial aircraft seats. The other current alternative – a lap belt for each infant, which is connected to the adult's seatbelt – likewise provides restricted safety only. With aerokid, Lufthansa Technik's business unit Innovation has developed a seating system that completely eliminates all disadvantages of the compromised solutions from the past. It offers optimum comfort and unrestricted safety for passengers of all ages. 

The solution

The aerokid infant seat is a totally integrated solution. The system is an integrated part of the manufactured seat, so no carry-on equipment is required. As an adaptable multifunctional concept, it offers the perfect solution for children of all ages. The seating system offers three different modes. In the cradle-mode the seat offers a semi-reclining position for babies and infants up to the age of two years. This mode can also be switched into a full-flat position, optimal for sleeping. A fold-out canopy offers additional protection. For children beyond the age of two years, aerokid offers a different solution. The child seat combines a seat with variable seat depth with a footrest variable in height. In addition, adjustable armrests offer maximum comfort for any size person. In combination with this seat, a detachable shoulder harness offers maximum safety. Both seat versions can be quickly configured without any tools – and reset into the standard adult seat within seconds. 

Our priority: child safety

With the additional integration of a seat for babies and infants up to two years old, Lufthansa Technik engineers have managed to ensure that this age group, too, can enjoy significantly improved flight safety and enhanced comfort. It is expected, that the bodies regulating aviation will explicitly demand the availability of dedicated baby and child seat on board of aircraft in the near future. With the integrated seating solution aerokid the future is already here. 

Customer advantages

  • Optimum safety and comfort
  • No logistics to ensure child seat availability
  • Assured technical and safety standard
  • Less troublesome boarding process
  • Low-stress cabin environment