Adaptive CNC milling

By using smart machine tools that are capable of automatically adapting themselves to the actual condition of the respective parts, Lufthansa Technik can offer time-saving and cost-efficient repair processes for the valuable components. 

Because aircraft are operated in different environmental conditions, each part to be repaired is unique. Their condition depends on several factors, one being the region the part (aircraft) is mainly used in. Consequently, two components with the same part number never look the same – they are always worn differently. This means that the repair procedures have to be adjusted for each specific part. Since a lot of effort is required if this is done manually, automating the adapting step is the logical consequence.

The technology concept to meet the challenge described above consists of four essential steps:

  • The part to be repaired is identified by an up-to-date measuring technique – either optical or tactile.
  • The geometry of the worn part is compared with the geometry that the repaired part should have.
  • Based on the results of the preceding comparison, the machining strategy will be automatically adapted to the specific part.
  • The machine tool starts machining the part – cost-saving and time-efficient, and subject to the highest quality standards.