A place like home

Airbus A350 VIP "Welcome Home" interior concept

The A350 VIP interior concept of Lufthansa Technik is a masterpiece from front to back. With a comprehensive approach towards health and well-being on board, it promotes flexible areas for privacy or valuable family time and provides super connectivity in regard to all communication channels. 

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    Dining area: better social interaction
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    Bedroom: a large and airy private space
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    Spa area: exclusively equipped with a steam bath
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    Lounge area: entertainment and new lighting approach
  • Worldmap of Lufthansa Technik Group
    Family area: relaxing surrounding and privacy
Social interaction and privacy

The first design priority was to create flexible areas that can be opened and combined for better social interaction and closed for full privacy if so desired. Located in the front part of the aircraft, the "Family Flex Area" facilitates a large and airy private space. An exclusive feature is the large spa area which is equipped with a relaxing steam bath, a massage shower, and a massage table that may also double as a passenger transport unit if so required. 

Relaxing surrounding

Top sound quality and individual lighting let guests immerse fully in a deeply relaxing surrounding. The guest lounge entertains with a cinema-size screen and offers a new lighting approach. In Lufthansa Technik's patent-pending new "Living Lining" concept, the ceiling and walls turn into lighting elements that are controlled and colored by mobile devices. For healthy and fresh on-board food preparation, Lufthansa Technik's new inductive cooking platform has been integrated into the galley. 

Perfect ambience for recreation

Taking into account the often extremely tense life styles of VIP customers, the "Welcome Home" concept has been consequently optimized to offer a perfect ambience for recreation and relaxation during travel times. The concept is flexible and allows the adaptation to other widebody aircraft, too. The whole cabin comprises about 270 square meters (about 2,900 sq ft).