Video: Boeing 787 VIP completion

In line with perfection

Find out in this movie how Lufthansa Technik has approached the world's top designers with the goal of providing you with all the luxury, quality, craftsmanship and perfection that you rightly expect on the ground…

…only this time in the sky. 

Making the dream come true

The better the design, the higher the stakes for Lufthansa Technik. As the architects and technical contractors of the interior, we have to use all our experience to turn a creative process into a first-class flyable product, meeting the demands of maintainability and allowing for further developments.

Lufthansa Technik turns a creative process into a first-class flyable product.

Wherever you choose to take your 787, Lufthansa Technik's support will always be close by. Our dedicated world of services for large VIP aircraft extends well beyond our global network of companies or any traditional fixed based operations. With Lufthansa Technik, the world is your homebase. This you can take our word on for the entire life cycle of your new aircraft.