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Xtreme passion for your 777X

A new journey begins

The 777X is about to conquer the skies – and we at Lufthansa Technik are already prepared. Drawing on our decades of experience with Boeing aircraft, and our unique passion for aviation technology, we are ready to ensure your newest fleet member operates at peak performance.

Boeing's new 777X will be the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world, unmatched in every aspect of performance and passenger experience. Folding wingtips, a wider cabin, and the world's largest engine are just a few features of this remarkable new aircraft. We have carefully prepared ourselves with great commitment for this new era of long-distance travel over the past few years. Now we can offer your new fleet member an unrivaled MRO service portfolio – right from the start. Benefit from this unique combination of dedication and expertise. Benefit from Xtreme passion for your 777X.

Lufthansa Technik - xtreme passion for your 777x


We have always played a significant role in improving new aircraft types throughout the company's history. With the 777X, we have once again contributed to transforming the vision of a new aircraft into a flying reality. We have been involved in the development of Boeing's latest aircraft with regard to maintainability and maturity since 2018. This in-depth knowledge makes us a strong partner to ensure smooth operations from the day your new 777X joins your fleet.

Lufthansa Technik - xtreme passion for your 777x

Familiar with the future

The 777X is Boeing's strategic vision for the future of long-distance travel. We are already familiar with this future and its technological challenges at Lufthansa Technik. Since many features are common to both the 787 and the 777-300, we can draw on our extensive experience with these technologies and their specific characteristics, as well as being fully prepared for the 777X innovations. As the world's foremost expert in composite structures, we know how to repair, overhaul, and maintain the structural components of next-generation aircraft. And with AVIATAR, our digital aviation data platform, we help operators unleash the true power of Boeing's digital aircraft.

Lufthansa Technik - xtreme passion for your 777x

The 777X power plant

Big, bigger, GE9X: The GE engine that powers the 777X is the largest turbofan ever installed in an aircraft. But in addition to its size, the engine also features some of the most advanced technologies and materials in use today. The largest fan blades, the highest bypass ratio, and the use of Ceramic Matrix Composites that will set new standards in efficiency. The GE9X engine is designed to achieve fuel savings of approximately ten percent and reduce both CO2 and noise emissions compared to its predecessors. Although the GE9X builds on proven technology from the GE90 and GEnx, maintaining this engine type represents a significant challenge, not least because of its size. A challenge for which Lufthansa Technik is perfectly prepared. Our expertise comes from our long history of servicing previous engine types similar engines and from our strategic partnership with GE Aviation. The GE9X engine will be overhauled at XEOS, our joint venture with GE Aviation located in Poland. Even before the first 777X delivery, we began preparations for this new engine type by, among other things, analyzing material requirements, comparing technologies with other engines types, and developing internal capacities.

Operations in our mindset

Your benefits

  • Life cycle: Evaluation of OEM statements, modified MRO procedures
  • OEM know-how: Early integrations in OEM, developments, IP access
  • Proactive measures: Forward looking MRO activities
  • AOG sensitivity: Certified AOG teams support you worldwide
  • Component pools: RSPL evaluation, optimized stock of components
  • Leasing adjustments: MRO adjustment to leasing requirements
  • Innovations: Operation centered innovations
  • Operational understanding: Time schedules, fleet integration

Your personal contact

Lufthansa Technik - xtreme passion for your 777x

Patrick Anders

Project Manager 777X

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany


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