Hawker Pacific Aerospace is an expert in the maintenance of landing gears and associated hydraulic components.

Hawker Pacific Aerospace

One of the leading Landing Gear Specialists

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Hawker Pacific Aerospace is an expert in the maintenance of landing gears and associated hydraulic components for North and South American customers.

We offer FAA- and EASA-certified landing gear repairs and overhaul services for all major commercial and regional aircraft. All processes – from cleaning to non-destructive testing, metal machining, chemical plating and painting – are carried out in-house. Complementing its service competency is the availability of landing gear sets. Through our landing gear network, over 70 complete landing gear sets are available for customers for exchange and loan purposes.

By employing an on-site FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Hawker Pacific Aerospace is authorized to develop and approve new repair procedures.


We are proud to provide in-house maintenance service capabilities for all Landing Gear related hydraulic or mechanical components. This includes components such as: retract actuators, steering actuators, trim cylinders, steering metering valves, gear boxes, unlocking/locking actuators, pitch dampers, and telescopic struts. 

Spare Services

The company has its own Aircraft on Ground (AOG) team on call ready to assist customers 24/7. Over 15,000 spare parts are available at any time, either individually or in complete sets.

Feel free to view our inventory via Inventory Locator Service (ILS) or Aeroxchange. Our stocking information is updated daily.

For quotes, orders or any other part related requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Landing Gears


Our Mission is to provide unique landing gear services to customers worldwide by exceeding their expectations in service and value. Our products must have the highest quality, and delivery must be on time. We will strive to develop our expertise, bring constant innovation to our specialization, and further enhance our technology leadership. 

Vision and Values

We deliver best value for money through efficiency in overhaul processes, DER-Repairs, PMA-Usage and experience. Other pillars of success are maximal flexibility, reliability, outstanding quality as well as the excellent customer service. The combination of curiosity, knowledge and enthusiasm leads to new solutions and improved processes.

Landing Gear Services

Your benefits

  • 100 percent in-house capabilities
  • 24/7 AOG support
  • On-site repair solutions avoid costly shop visits
  • Hundreds of exchange spares landing gears
  • Efficient and safe logistics
Erwin Engler

Erwin Engler

Account Manager Product Line PARTS

Hawker Pacific Aerospace

Sun Valley, USA

Stephen Spender

Stephen Spender

Sales Manager Landing Gear Services

Hawker Pacific Aerospace

Sun Valley, USA


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